A project consisting of multiple phases of research and exploration around the topic of the UK's current voting system, First Past the Post.
The first part of the project involved the creation of an infographic poster to communicate the core theme of the project: the unrepresentative nature the UK's current voting system.  Statistics used in this project were sourced from the Electoral Commission. 
The second part of the project built upon the foundations of part one and incorporates a three dimensional data object to be used with a 2D key in order to read and compare statistics relating to the number of votes that had no effect on the outcome of the UK's 2015 General Election.
The third phase of the project involved creating a small interactive provocation. This takes the form of a ballot slip that can be torn in order to reveal information about a particular constituency and what that persons vote will actually mean, or if it won't make any difference at all under the current system.
The final part of the project consisted of the creation of a larger provocative piece. Intended to be used as part of a point of use display, the following videos were created to inform the public of how various voting systems work by visualising how the results of example elections are calculated.
The display would allow members of the public to interact with it by pressing buttons to trigger one of the videos to play. As part of the project, a prototype circuit and code was created to test this functionality and show how the provocation would be put into practice.
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